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Can I refuse to give the father of my unborn baby any paternity rights?

Q: I got pregnant by a guy after only dating 3 months. He became very verbally abusive and tried to intimidate me with a air gun for me not to leave him. He has an alcohol addiction, and has PTSD from serving in the army. I have tried to tell him that I don’t want us to be more than co-parents but all he does is get upset and tell me that I’m tied to him forever and threatens to hurt my brothers, my father, or any man in my life by reminding me that he can shoot them from a mile away. I’m starting to feel like it’s best if he’s not involved at all. I left my apartment in PA and moved to NYC with my dad. I need to keep him away from me and my family.

A: David’s Answer: You do not need to list the guy as the father of the child. It would then be his burden to pursue a paternity case in court. Call a Bronx Family Law attorney for more info.

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