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A judge dismissed a domestic violence order I had on my sons father because the scs case worker fabricated events that happened.

Q: Acs worker Felicia cassada fabricated events that did not happen and she wanted me to back her claims. I could not and told the truth, we argued. Could they say I’ll keep my son in their system. I completed all the programs asked of me and now they want me to go to individual therapy.

A: David’s Answer: It is hard to assess your case, as one does not know from this: (a) whether you have a Child Neglect case pending against you, (b) whether you’ve already taken a guilty plea, (c) whether you’ve been ordered to complete certain programs (via a Dispo order), (d) the nature of the charges against you, and (e) their purported basis for asking you to complete counseling. Thus, you should have your case evaluated by an experienced attorney. Call a Bronx Child Abuse defense attorney to schedule a consult. 

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