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What are my rights as a wife for divorce and child support hence I married in Cozumel Mexico?

Q: My husband and I both are citizens of the US and had gotten married in Cozumel, Mexico 6 years ago. But my husband doesn’t want to get a marriage certificate here in the states. We haven’t had relations for a year by his choice because of my religious beliefs and he is threating to leave me and our 11year old daughter because I have several documented illness and threatning to have sex with other women because of my religious beliefs! He has “lost his wedding ring” and he doesn’t support us financially other than half the rent and detergent for me to wash clothing. What are my rights please?

A: David’s Answer: Where you get married in the world does not matter as to where you can get divorced. What matters for purposes of filing the case in NY is whether you’re both residents of NY & have been for at least 1 year. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Divorce attorney for a full assessment.

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