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How can we try to stop the false accusations brought up by my husbands child’s mother?

Q: The mother to my husbands child started to accuse my husband of neglect and not feeding his son when she found out we were dating. She put us in an cps case the moment we became engaged. She then took his son on a three week vacation without his consent and interfering with two of his court ordered visitation. Then on his birthday and the day before we get married she decides to call the cops accusing my husband of being under the influence, however we have audio and video recording of her denying that he was in fact under the influence and that she just had a “gut” feeling. Is there anything we can do to at least stop the false accusations being brought up by this female?

A: David’s Answer: Your best defense may be offense. Thus, when/if she raises a future accusation, hit her in court with motions for sanctions and/or counsel fees if the Court determines she made false allegations. Keep a careful paper-trail with her, and be sure to (at least) audio-record interactions with her. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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