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My ex wife is sending my daughter in day care with very high cost. Does child support include day care cost?

Q: Hi, I am paying through my nose for the child support and day care costs of my daughter. My ex is sending my daughter to day care which costs about $ 1800 per month. I am supposed to pay 60% of this cost on top of the child support that is directly deducted from my salary. To sum this up this takes about 50% of my current salary.
When I am paying $ 1300 for child support, is it mandatory to pay for day care costs on top of this high amount for supporting just one child?
The total becomes about $ 2200 per month for one child.

A: David’s Answer: Generally childcare is a mandatory add-on to the basic level of child support. Thus, unless you can find an alternative childcare provider which provides similar quality care to the one being provided, it’s unlikely the court will let you out of paying that expense. That said, if the deduction leaves you with less than enough to meet your minimum basic living expenses, the Court MAY consider a deviation. Call a Westchester Child Support attorney for more info.

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