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Child support and Driver’s license suspension?

Q: I put my husband on child support on 2012. He got the amount deducted from his paycheck but he left his job on December and became a taxi driver. On December we went back to live together again and we have been living together with our son (10 years old) since then.
He received a letter saying he owes child support arrears and that his drivers license will be suspended on July 28th.
I went to court to cancel the child support order but for my surprise they told me we have to go in front of a judge and they gave me a date for August 7th.
What can we done?
In reality he does not owe any child support arrears and if the drivers license is suspended he will become unemployment. Is there anything we can do? Does he really have to pay me?
We live in New York

A: David’s Answer:
You can both goto the SCU office and you can make the request that the suspension be lifted. On the court date, you can cancel the order & consider cancelling the arrears, if any. Call a Bronx Child Support attorney for more info.

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