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When my daughter’s at college in a few months,hundreds of miles upstate, can local or college police be asked to protect her?

Q: My 18 year old daughter had an order of protection from her abusive father for about a year and a half, until February of this year. Due to a subsequent Order to Show Cause, her father now has to stay away from certain events such as her prom and graduation. She’s now afraid that in September he’ll drive several hundred miles upstate to terrorize her at her college. Without a full order of protection from the Westchester family court, will we be able to get protection from local or college police, since she’ll be living there 10 months out of the year?

A: David’s Answer: If he violates the law, he certainly can be arrested irrespective of an order of protection. Additionally, if he enters the campus without her permission, she can call security & have him removed. Moreover, if he does so, that would be a good basis to go back to Family Court on a modification petition & ask for the full stay away. Call a Westchester Family Law attorney for more info. 

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