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When a petition is dismissed by the judge, do all final and temporary orders get dismissed as well?

Q: In October 2016, my ex did not show up to a hearing for custody/visitation and the judge dismissed the petition since he filed. In july 2016 we had two court orders made : a final order of joint legal custody and a temporary order for visitation. When the petition was dismissed I was told it was as if he never filed and he would have to refile. My question is, were both orders dismissed or just the temporary one. If they were both made under the same petition and the petition wad dismissed do I still need to follow it.

A: David’s Answer: The joint custody order would not be dismissed as it was presumably on your petition & thus made final. His temporary order of visitation was dismissed along with his petition. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Domestic Violence attorney for a full assessment.

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