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How often can the primary parent take the noncustodial parent to court to request more support.? At what age does payment end?

Q: Under what circumstances can the primary parent request additional support? Is it every 2 yrs that they can ask for more money? Doe child support ends at the age of 18 or 21?

A: David’s Answer: It is NOT “every 2 years” – I thus disagree with the other counsel who chimed in (perhaps just a typo on her part). The law is generally one may modify child support: (a) once every 3 years, (b) if there’s been a 15% change of income since the last order was set/modified, or (c) there’s otherwise been a substantial change of circumstances. Additionally, child support in NY ends at age 21, unless sooner emancipated or extended by agreement. Call a Bronx Child Support attorney for more info.

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