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Hi.i have a restraining order against my husband out of weschester county!

Q: He has given to court and police phony address in the past police could not find him there but nobody charged him with violation!!? Yesterday he sent my lawyer a email along with attached copy of the mail to me. I can’t reach my lawyer to ask him he ls on vacation. Did he commit any restraint order violations by sending the email to my e mail address. Telling my lawyer that tell her this and that. Order that I have specifically says no electronic communication. Should I file a complaint by myself?? Pls advise. Thanks.

A: David’s Answer: If your order of protection states no electronic communication, and does not provide any exceptions, then it would appear he violated the order. As to whether you call the police and/or file a violation petition is best assessed at a consultation. Thus, call a Westchester Domestic Violence attorney to schedule an appointment.

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