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Another reason to avoid “cheap” divorce attorneys

| Jun 7, 2017 | Uncategorized

I just completed a consultation with a person whose spouse retained a “cheap” divorce attorney here in the Bronx.

The person consulting with me literally received 2 documents in an envelope – the affidavit of defendant and a proposed settlement agreement.  There was no cover letter explaining who these documents were from, much less what they meant or what to do with them.

Next problem: there was also no Divorce Summons!  Despite the proposed affidavit of defendant saying the person received a summons, the attorney’s office (opps!) forgot to stick the Summons into the envelope.

When a law firm is a “mill” – churning out hundreds of divorces every year – it’s easy to make mistakes and produce sloppy work.  It also can end up costing you more money to have those mistakes fixed.

But more importantly, if your children and/or assets are important to you, then it should also be important to you to have a good, quality attorney representing you.  Don’t fall for a flashy website – ask questions!  Is your prospective attorney “AV” rated?  What’s the attorney’s Avvo rating?  Are they listed in Super Lawyers?  What’s their case count?

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