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Q: My child’s mother does not allow me and my child to speak on the phone when she’s been ordered by the judge to allow my daughter to call me once a day. 8 days go by before I even see my child. Should I file a petition for this? She’s already been told by a judge to allow phone conversations yet does not let me speak to my child. I have taken screen shots of every text I send my child’s mother asking to speak to my child with no reply or phone call. When I call her she does not answer and my child claims the house phone does not work. I am constantly worried. If my child is home with no cell phone available and needs to call 911 there is not house phone for my child to use.

A: David’s Answer: At the very least you should establish a paper-trail in your efforts to resolve the issue without court intervention. If the mother either ignores you, or blows you off, then certainly follow-up with a petition for enforcement. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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