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What is the Child support formula for non married, working parents of an 18 Year old ?

Q: we both work and our Son is now 18 years old
I have been supporting since birth and have put him through catholic HS
I pay phone and allow him use of my car so he can also work

I have been paying his Mom ( through bank transfers) 1000 a month since High school started he graduates this June
his mom makes about 75000 a year and I make 125000
we had agreed until this year when she started to look at colleges she is now planning to take me to court
any advice would be appreciated I would prefer not to drag this into court if possible

A: David’s Answer: Your first stop would be the child support standards chart: https://www.childsupport.ny.gov/dcse/pdfs/CSSA.pdf. This determines the presumptive, general amount. Your next stop would be to an experienced attorney – there are several possible defenses which can help mitigate the overall amount you’d pay (e.g., “over-the-cap” incomes, joint custody variance, etc.). Thus, call a Bronx Child Support attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment.

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