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I want to ask a question for a divorce lawyer!

Q: I am married for 7 yrs.I own a house for 2 yrs. before I married. I am on ssd. I really don’t have any money. My wife works and

doesn’t pay any bills. ALL WE DO IS FIGHT.we don’t get along at all. I want her out of my house and she wont move out. I asked her many times to leave, Please how can I get her out of my house, she is an alcoholic and drinks every nt, she falls on the floor, misses work a lot and is just not for me anymore, I’m at my wits end, How can I get her out of my life and my house? We don’t have any c

A: David’s Answer: You can file for divorce & then – if she doesn’t voluntarily leave – you may also file a motion for exclusive occupancy of the marital residence while the divorce is pending. Then your divorce judgment can provide that she’s to vacate the premises as well. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Divorce attorney for a full assessment.

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