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Q: Thank you all for your advice in advance.
I petitioned for a downward modification in family court due to bad injuries i got on the job. I have been out since Feb. The company, after seeing the extent of my injuries chose to challenge the comp claim.
I had a court date yesterday for the child support and my ex wife’s lawyer said Family court did not have the jurisdiction over the child support, Supreme court did and got it dismissed.
What do i do now?
I have no income to get a lawyer and no idea how to deal with this in Supreme court. She is also telling me she wants sole custody and is keeping the kids from me . I have joint custody according to the custody stipulation . Again i am temporarily disabled and have no income. What do i do?

A: David’s Answer: Well, Family Court clearly has concurrent jurisdiction with Supreme Court on the issue of child support, so most likely you’re mis-understanding the nature of the motion to dismiss. I’d suggest to get a copy of the dismissal order – along with the magistrate’s findings of fact – and schedule an appointment with a lawyer. Call a White Plains Child Support attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment.

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