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Q: I received a violation of support order for add ons. dating back to 2011. The problem is their was never any order from that year. Can i have this thrown out ?
We were in court 2013 -15, she was ordered to provide proof of add ons, she never did . i did however make 1k a year payments to her directly in good faith. Also it states all medical decisions must be made jointly . this never happened. Now all of a sudden she is saying she has all the bills. there’s something fishy with this. Is there anything i can do to fight this?

A: David’s Answer: If there was an order, but the year of the order is mis-stated, it’s unlikely to be dismissed (most likely the magistrate would allow her to amend her Petition). Unfortunately, not much prevents her from trying again, merely because she submitted insufficient proof previously. There may be defenses, however, so it’d behoove you to schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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