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Can the courts change a reasonable visitation and issued a schedule or parenting plan?

Q: I have sole custody since my ex and I have been divorced. He has reasonable visitation but be can’t seem to agree on anything. He shows up at my house unexpectedly and take my son and don’t tell me what time he’ll return. He tells everything to my son directly. It’s very frustrating. Our son is 9 years old.

A: David’s Answer: Absolutely yes. If your present order/agreement says he gets “reasonable visitation as agreed upon,” then the Court can certainly modify it to include a schedule upon your allegation that the informal agreement isn’t working. Until such time, keep a paper-trail and state to the Father that you need to agree on a schedule and that him “just showing up” isn’t acceptable. Schedule a consult with a White Plains Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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