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Ncp always dropping off at a different time

Q: My daughter father and I do not have a court order. We used to have one but it was cancelled when ncp failed to show up to a hearing. The ncp is supposed to bring our daughter back at the agreed upon time of Sunday at 4pm (every other weekend). He ALWAYS brings her back at different times. Sometimes its as late as 6pm and sometimes its as early as 1pm. This is frustrating since I cant plan my day correctly. He will text me Sunday morning telling me he is bringing her back at 1:30pm and then get to my place at 1pm. Or he will text me at 4pm and tell me he is bringing her back later. The inconsistency is frustrating. If we have a court order will he be allowed to do this? I have an infant with my current partner and I need to be able to have a schedule so that I can make sure my baby is ready to bring downstairs to get my oldest daughter.

A: David’s Answer: Usually a court order will prescribe a specific time for drop-offs. If he then violates it, either there can be a provision saying the time will be subtracted from his next visit, or you could file a modification petition to further restrict his visitation times. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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