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How soon can i submit a child support modification? And how would it impact me with a change of employment.

Q: I have worked for a health-care corporation for about 8 years and i make about 40k a year. Just last week i was hit with child support at a monthly rate of 740 a month. An amount that everyone in court is still surprised and in doubt with. About two years ago i got my child’s mother a job working at the same corporation i work for. She makes 54k a year. Whats making my child support bill so high according to my attorney. Was the 45 percent of child care cost that she claims she pays. Overall, i am facing living in New York city with a net income of 1100 a month. Which we all know is impossible, just my rent alone is 900 a month (all expenses clearly verified in the affidavit). Im considering a change of employment. Something that gives tips and earned income could be proven in court at no more than 15k a year. How will this impact my modification request. And how would this also impact the 45 percent of child care cost expenses that the judge included as additional amount of child support dues? 

A: David’s Answer:  Preliminarily, did you challenge the childcare cost at a hearing? Moreover, you could’ve challenged the pro-rata share based on your expenses. In any event, if you voluntarily quit & take a lower-paying job, you generally will NOT get a reduction of child support. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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