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How can i terminate my daughters fathers right if hes had visitation always and yet its been 3 years since hes had contact?

Q:  My daughter is about to be 7 years old but has an advanced mentality which in this you’ll understand why is it i expressed that. I have joint custody with my daughters father and my maternal aunt she has physical because i was supposed to pursue a career in the army reserves. I did not go but i did not file for the modification of custody to be returned to me because i am trying to ensure i have reliable housing and employment. I’ve been with my child in every aspect school finances doctors everything. My daughters father has not tried to contact my aunt in reference to our child since she was 4 I dont allow anyone including myself to bad mouth her dad whenever shes asked i told her hes working i’m sure if he has the time he’ll come….My child is about to be 7 in may and now tells me i don’t miss my daddy anymore and i don’t want to see him… I always wanted her to create her own aspect and feelings towards him due to the fact i did’nt want my past with him to smear his image as her father…I am recently married but my daughter adores my husband he has been in her life since she was 4… She understands thats not her dad… 

A: David’s Answer: You wouldn’t have standing to do so until you re-gain custody. Once you do, however, you can proceed with a step-parent adoption case, which effectively terminates the biological father’s parental rights. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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