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Do I need criminal lawyer or personal injury lawyer

Q: NYC. I have joint legal custody. Perfect visits 4 years with daughter than mother & I had argument & she won’t let me see child. I filed contempt & now she is saying I touched child way before visits started and & on last visit in court. She has no proof. I have proof she did this before & child told therapist/acs never happen. She even just called me child molester in front of my daughter in courtroom waiting area at last hearing in court house. I have family court lawyer but do I need criminal or personal now? I have all documents proof pictures video etc for last 6 years now.

A: David’s Answer: You would only need a “personal injury” lawyer if you were going to sue her for “abuse or process.” Usually your better method is to prevail in Family Court – and if the Judge finds her allegations to be frivolous, then have your attorney file a motion for counsel fees and/or sanctions. For a 2d opinion, call a Bronx Child Custody lawyer to schedule a consult.

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