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Are temporary orders of protections served to the respondent?

Q: I filed for an order of protection about two weeks ago. I got a temporary order of protection until the hearing in two weeks. I want to dismiss the order of protection because we decided to work everything out. I want to know if a temporary order of protection is served to the respondent. I don’t want the order to be served because he is suicidal and I would like to protect him from harming himself much more during this time in his life when he is going through so much. I called the court and they told me that I can just miss the hearing and it will be dismissed, but I just want to know if it will be served to the respondent although it is temporary for these two weeks only. I need help. I am regretting even going to file because now I can’t even sleep thinking that he will do himself harm once it is delivered. Someone please help me out. Will a temporary order given until the hearing be delivered to the respondent? 

A: David’s Answer: Generally the court gives it to the police or Sheriff, so you’d need to follow-up with the court & find our who’s serving it. Then contact them in an effort to stop the process. Call a Bronx Domestic Violence attorney for more info.

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