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What is the best course of action to limit interaction with my sons mother; and receive lowest payments for child support.

Q: I’ve supported my kid for the last 10 years. Long story short: I stepped up to my responsibilities after an accidental pregnancy, & tried to do the right thing. I was with his mother 6 years until I could not do it any longer. We’re extremely different people w/ very different parenting styles. I stayed as long as I did solely because of my son. I asked for custody many times, but she refused, & made threats to keep him from me. I suppose b/c he was a link to “hold me” & get money. Of late, she’s been threatening me about him (going to child support, etc) Her eldest sons (not mine) are out of school, living at home (not working) so she is facing money problems. She started this of late and always plays games when it comes to my son. She will constantly call about money. She tells me to get him, but then wont be home – anytime I inquire about my son and his school or health she will not talk to me (nor allow him to) for weeks – she only cares about money. I’ve paid in cash & items per her wishes. I need to mitigate child support & problems – I’m considering fighting for custody or sadly giving up rights, because I can’t continue w/ this stress(its affecting my livelihood).

A: David’s Answer: Sounds like there may be a happy medium for you – file a visitation petition so you have a court-ordered access schedule. Then figure out what your child support would be & simply send her a check for same on the 1st of every month. You may wish to schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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