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Do I as the non-custodial parent have to let my ex see my new apartment even if there is no court order requiring me to do so?

Q: I just moved and I provided my ex with 30 days notice in writing outlining the new address, move date, Pictures of apartment property, sample unit, apartment website link, details on why I am moving and requesting that we change one visitation day drop off location as it would be better for our child, The order states we can adjust it as long as we both agree in writing.

My ex has responded with her own version of my initial letter for me to sign. She outlined 3 items in her version, 2 of which are inline with my original letter. Which are 1: acknowledging that I have moved. 2: acknowledging that changing the drop location is in our daughters best interest.

The 3rd item states “Once I move I will need to either provide her with a video footage of actual apartment or make an appointment for her to walk through the apartment”. There is nothing in our court order in any form requiring me to show her the apartment if and when I move. Our child has already stayed at my new apartment and loves it. she is decorating her own room. My ex will not sign to change the drop off location until I agree to she her the new apartment.

Any Advice on how I should best handle this.

A: David’s Answer: Well, if she’s willing to settle for “video footage,” and you’ve already provided pictures, what’s the harm in providing the video footage? To me, this seems like the easier way of dealing with the issue than possible court litigation. For more info, schedule a consult with a White Plains Family Law attorney.

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