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Can I get my child support arrears forgiven?

Q: My sons father had custody of my son for a fee years due to a custody battle, during that time, although I was financially assisting by buying my son clothes and giving my son money, the father took me to court for child support, and at the time I was on public assistance, since then I have obtained custody for my child, and I am looking to see I I can have my arrears forgiven as it intervenes with me being able to meet all his needs. The father has now been obligated by public assistance to pay for his debt with them for the period that I received public assistance for my child. He now feels he isn’t obligated to pay child support for my son because he is paying his debt off to public assistance from the time I received it years Ago. I am in desperate need for counsel, and I would greatly appreciate if my question is answered. Thanks in advance everyone.

A: David’s Answer: You may petition the court to reduce your support arrears for the periods of time you were on public assistance. Technically, arrears should not accrue to more than $500 for any given year you were on public assistance. Nevertheless, this competes with another statute which provides that the Court may not vacate arrears once they accrue. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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