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OSC for contempt of support. Ex spouse financial disclosure is not credible. What happens now?

Q: OSC in contempt of CS & Alimony. Defendants financial disclosure submitted is not credible. How is this handled in court? 2013 tax return “fraud”. Neighbor’s residence reported on return, phony business out of residence, . All Tax returns are fraudulent, under Phony businesses.
Ex’s Bank Statement Net Deposits Exceed his Tax Returns Gross Income. Bank Transactions show traveling out of country, dining, & entertainment exspenses. Excessive gambling. ATM withdrawls $1500- $2000 per month. No bills paid out of this account. Financial affidavit is a lie. 3 household incomes not reported, hardly any living expenses listed. No entertainment expenses reported. Sells 6.5 mill in real estate top 2% in of sales for national brand, public info. Mortgage broker too. Financial discovery not done. How do lawyers deal with financial fraud, financial documents that aren’t credible? What do Judges look at to establish income?Should my Affirmation response to his cross motion be listed as filed on court docket? I am concerned it was not filed properly. Trial is in 10 days. I can not understand how anyone could work with fraudulent documents? I am drowning in debt with no support.

A: David’s Answer: If the opposing party’s finances are fraudulent, s/he could be defaulted in their proof. Then, if his defense is “inability to pay,” he would lose that defense. If you’re heading to trial, you should have an attorney representing you – at the least consult with one. Call a Westchester Divorce attorney to schedule an appointment.

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