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Is it realistic for the family court to remove the interest on a child support/money judgment order.

Q: I have a old support order that I have been paying on (thru garnishments) for over 17 years. This is paid to the Dep. of Social Services because my children were in their grandmothers custody and she was getting assistance. The child support order has been reduced to a money judgment. The original amount of the money judgment was 23k but, the 9% interest has a total of 33k so all together i’m told that I owe 56k. Now, I have been paying this for over 17 years which means that I am just at about a total of 34k paid out according to the NYS Child Support Enforcement Office. However, the record shows that I still owe 23k. I have petitioned the court to see if they would remove this interest which has prevented me from getting away from this buren. This seems unlawful for them to charge that much interest, haven’t I made them whole and will this ever go away?

A: David’s Answer: It’s not unlawful – it’s actually statutorily-mandated. The court cannot take away the interest unless DSS agrees to same – and its extremely unlikely they will.

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