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Im 17 years old I have 2 Babys and i have a boyfriend age of 22 grandma dont want me can I move out??

Q: I have CPS but she dont do nothing only feels like it I have a baby girl 9 months and one on the way have a boyfriend who’s 22 years old I’m 17 years old not the father of my kids but is willing to take me and the kids is it possible for me to move out with my boyfriend parents don’t want me and nobody helping me but myself and my boyfriend??

A: David’s Answer: David’s Answer: If your parents are consenting to you moving out, and the place you’ll be moving into has proper accommodations for the children AND you can financially support yourself and the kids, then I see no reason why you can’t move out. Of course, from your posting it’s unclear why CPS is involved, so this would need to be factored in. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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