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I want to put in a motion to vacate paternaty.

Q: I was married,ex wife had a child from another man. I signed the birth certificate. Now this was in 2003. Since the child’s birth i’ve only seen him 2 times. Only as a baby. The child doesnt know me or if he sees me wouldn’t know who i am. Now i understand that in the eyes of the law im the father and the courts looks out for the best interest of the child. Now i understand if i played a role in this child’s life. That removing myself or just not being in his life can affect him. But i played no role in his life. My ex gave dss in ny my info and im paying child support through dss. I only pay 50.00 a month but i do that because i dont want loose my driver license. I never knew i had child support till i moved back to ny. I was never served. I took that issue with the magistrate in yonkers,but she didnt believes that i was never served. Mind u i was living in puerto rico for 14 yrs. Now i need to file a motion to vacate paternity. I dont have money for an attorney. Im filing the motion on my own. Now like i said the kid is 13 yrs old. I never ever spent anytime with him. What are the chances that my motion is granted?

A: David’s Answer: Given the age of the child, the fact that you were previously before a Magistrate & didn’t (apparently) formally raise that issue, and given that you intend to proceed without a lawyer, I’d humbly suggest you play Mega Millions – your odds may be better there.

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