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How do I know if my lawyer is doing right actions on my case?

Q: I have a divorced case with one lawyer and we already went to the judge to do a settlement. I have a child with the my soon the be ex husband and he has stated under orth that he does not live with no one. The first time and only time I let him take my child over a vacation week. I find out that he not only living with someone but that he is getting married. plus during that time he did not let me speak to the child or let me know what was going on during the week of the visit. So when my child return I went back to my lawyer to see when can be done because the father is not listening to me and is not going by one his half of the supplement. My lawyer told me that I had to my more in fees and make a document to state what was going on the judge. I agree but now it is two months later and nothing is happening. I just want to make sure that what is happening to me is ok and if not what can be done.

A: David’s Answer: Your lawyer can only charge you pursuant to the terms of the contract you have – fees cannot be “made up” just because you request more work to be done. If you have requested that your lawyer file an “order to show cause” (a motion to amend a prior order) but it isn’t getting done, you should consider switching attorneys. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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