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How am i a non custodial parent.

Q: How am i a non custodial parent paying child support while still married. Without ever having a custody hearing or any type of custody order ever entered in newyork. I reside in Maryland btw and pay and have paid my child support since it was entered im not a deadbeat or looking to avoid supporting my child but i have 0 connection with newyork. We were married in maryland our son was born in missouri why did newyork take the case if they werent going to handle divorce and custody but so quick to enter a child support order for title 4d funds.

A: David’s Answer: Child support goes by actual residence – a decree of custody isn’t necessary. And the jurisdictional statutes differ between divorce, custody and child support – thus it’s possible NY would have jurisdiction over child support, but not the custody or divorce. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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