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Can I protect my toddler from being talked to sexually by other parent’s family if there is already a custody order?

Q: My toddler is repeatedly being called “sexy” by one of the maternal grandparents, i know which one. There is already a custody order in place. I don’t want to wait to see if my daughter gets molested to do something. If the other parent is willing to leave the child in the care of the abusive grandparent, what can I do to prevent this from happening?

A: David’s Answer: I’d suggest first to raise your concerns to the other parent. If the other parents dismisses your concerns, consider filing a modification petition to provide that when the non-custodial parent is unavailable to care for the child, your relative or chosen caretaker should take priority over his parents. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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