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What can I do with bad custody situation?

Q: A year ago, the mother was awarded majority of time with child and child support against the recommendation of forensic expert. I found out after the trial, crucial evidence was left out or ignored by my lawyer who I discovered was corrupt and suspended from practicing law thereafter for fraud. The mother refuses to have any activities for child so I have to spend money for child for everything including birthday parties, scouting, etc… I pick the child up everyday after school and do homework with her and on the mothers days bring her to the mother. I actually spend more overnights with her than mother. Child reports to me and to others that the mother hits her and refers to her as “the monster”. This situation is ridiculous. Anything I can do?

A: David’s Answer:
Yes – principal among the things you should do is file a modification petition. You should start keeping a paper-trail with the mother confirming the days/times you have the child, and attempt to get affidavits from the people the child is making the disclosures to. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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