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How or what can I do to get a appointed child attorney by the judge off my sons case?

Q: I’ve been fighting custody for about two years now and things are getting out of hand and I feel completely hopeless and powerless! Since the beginning I was told to be careful with a lady who was appointed as my sons lawyer , that she had a very bad reputation of being very unprofessional and is known to play dirty. I was directed by my first attorney to never speak with her without him being present and of course I listened. At that time the judge told us to get acquainted and I tried , called her multiple time and left her messages but she never got back to me. Fast forward to two years and 2 attorneys later ( my last attorney retired because his father passed away ) she always goes before the judge to defend my sons father , has done nothing for my son and he has his own attorney! I hear from her more than I hear from my sons father’s attorney and has told my lawyer that she just “doesn’t like me”. I’ve told the judge and asked my attorney what I can do but the judge completely ignores it and my lawyer says if I do anything against her it won’t do anything but make her really hate me even more and probably cost me my son. I live in Westchester please help!

A: David’s Answer: The problem is that the Attorney for the Child isn’t obligated to be “neutral” – s/he is entitled to take a position & zealously advocate for that position. Thus, in certain cases it can indeed feel like it’s “2 against 1.” That said, it’s extremely hard to get such an attorney removed from the case & would – at the least – take a written motion. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Custody attorney for a 2d opinion.

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