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How can I bring my grandson from my country Yemen?

Q: My grandson is back home and his father never Wanted him from day one he doesn’t even care if he’s alive or dead . I’m trying to look for a way so I can bring him to the USA knowing that I’m a USA citizen so is his father .someone told me that to do that his father has to abdicate his right of being the father but the problem is every time we want him to go to court or do anything he doesn’t come what should we do . Keep in mind that he’s in Yemen and there is war and he only has his mom.


A: David’s Answer: Where is the mother in the picture? If the Mother is here in the U.S. legally, but the Father isn’t consenting to the custody change, then she may need to file for custody in Yemen. Otherwise, if the child’s been in Yemen for more than 6 months, and YOU wish to file for custody, you’d need to file over there (again, assuming the Father isn’t consenting to the change). Call a Bronx Family Law attorney for more info.

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