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Do I have the right to see the non custodial parent’s living arrangements and know who his roommate is?

Q: My ex and I do not have a court ordered custody agreement. My son lives with me in NYC and his father lives in New Jersey. My son spends most weekends with his dad. The father is now married, has moved to a new location, and rented a room to man that is unknown to me. The father is very secretive and refuses to tell me who the roommate is or let me see the house where my son spends the weekends. I do have some concern for my son’s safety as he was bitten by fleas from that house on three separate occasions. What are my rights regarding access to information within the dad’s household?

A: David’s Answer: You could either ask the court to allow you access, or alternatively for the Court to order Probation/CPS to inspect the home. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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