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Q: i have 50/50 parenting time . In May I lost my job applied for a modification. OC Delayed it till Sept. I got a reduction but it did not go retro to the day i filed. Why?. At that time the kids were living with me for the summer. The income the child support was based on 37 k me 71k my ex . Their is another 24k she gets from renters that was in the D&D and transcripts but not on her taxes. And not looked at when determining child support. I am now working a new job making 71k and she makes 71k plus the unclaimed 24k . I have to back to court at the end of Jan. What can i expect to happen? I don’t even understand why i pay when i have 50/50 I feel this is based on gender not parenting time or income.

A: David’s Answer: The 50-50% must be exactly that – even if it’s 51-49%, you don’t catch a break. Moreover, you should have that arrangement reduced to a court order, if you haven’t already. That said, it may behoove you to bring the orders into an attorney for a consult. Call a Westchester Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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