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Will the child support enforcement put a person in jail for lack of payment?

Q: There is a situation with my husband. He have not paid his child support he is not working and he is so lazy to pay child support to his other kids. He is not even helping at all financially. My relationship with my husband is just not good as before. Every time that I tell him that I feel sick or the kids are sick he does not like the fact that he have to be in a hospital. He will start saying ignorant things. It is his kids why not pay attention when they are sick, I be all the times there with my kids when they get sick stay up at night and make guard to make sure my kids are okay and getting their medicine on time. If a police rings the bells even if it is not for us, my husband runs out through the window all scared thinking that he is going to get arrested. I tell my husband, you need to get a job we are living with my mother and we need our own place where out kids could have their room boys with boys and girls with girls. For him that a NO, he expect me to do everything and he does not even lift up a plate! I lost my feelings towards him, I do not trust him and he does not trust me either. He is very harsh with us.

A: David’s Answer: Perhaps I’m mis-understanding, but why is your Husband paying you child support if he’s still living with you & the kids? Usually, one pays child support for children not residing with him. In any event, assuming you have a valid child support order against him, if he fails to pay it, then you could file a Violation petition, the top penalty of which is jail. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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