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What should I do if a judge has given us a deadline to submit a custody agreement and the time has passed by a month?

Q: The last time we went to court the judge gave my daughter’s mother and I a deadline to come to a custody agreement so she could sign it.The judge wanted us to send the agreement to her to sign and enter it as a court document.It has been over a month since the deadline she gave us.I do not have a lawyer which means I have been emailing my ex and her lawyer myself to no avail.They have not been responding to my emails or phone calls regarding this issue.I sent them both a proposal for the custody and expected to hear from them with an amended proposal or an agreement that we can both agree to sign.My ex is completely not interested in the judge signing the custody agreement it seems.She lives with my daughter and I do get visitations.I also pay the court ordered child support.My questions: Is she prolonging the signing of the custody agreement as a way to gain some sort of an advantage? and What should I do about this?

A: David’s Answer: Assuming your case is in Westchester, you can contact the Referee by sending a pre-motion conference letter and state that you’ve tried to contact the mother’s attorney to no avail. See if the Referee can intervene and offer a solution. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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