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What should i do defend myself in court, while being intimidated by my abuser, and judge who won’t grant any relief.

Q: My husband has beaten, raped and mentally abused me for many years, He’s forced me to terminate many pregnancies, because of his job. I felt like a hostage in my marriage, and I count myself lucky to be alive. I never mentioned to the court he was an abuser, or ever had him arrested. I just said he abandoned me and my children. Because of this I have suffered in court and haven’t been treated fairly, and I have lost almost, everything to him. Every time I face him in court I feel victimized, over and over again. I had to defend myself in court we’re now at post judgement, and I feel he has taken full advantage of how clean I’ve made his image look in court.

A: David’s Answer: By saying you’re at the “post-judgment” stage, are you referring to a divorce proceeding? Also, what are the present issues? Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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