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What happens when all petitions ( child visitations, order to stay in NYC etc ) are dropped?

Q: For over 10 years my kids dad whom has never ever paid child support or even complied with his Saturday visits has dragged me into court. This week an attorney deemed the kids old enough 15 & 13 to not be forced as they wish not to have contact with him.
He decided to Stop and drop all the petitions he had as to visitation or communication.
What does that mean exactly??
My lawyer was not specific at all. She said she would Mail the dismissal to me.
I don’t understand what that means exactly.
Am I able to move because in one of the orders I was ordered to stay in NYC only.
Is this the last I’ll hear from him?
Am I finally free from this parasite?

A: David’s Answer: Merely because he’s withdrawing his current petition(s) does not necessarily authorize you to relocate with the children. You would either need his express, written consent, or a court order permitting the relocation. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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