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Q: My child was on visit with the father and father choked him trying to take the child’s phone away. So my child wouldn’t speak to me. My son texted me telling me to call the police and he also sent me a picture of a bruise on his eye. I called the police and the child was removed and sent to my parents car because my parents was on the scene. I live in NJ and the father resides in NY. The closest relatives was my parents. The police did not arrest the father. I told the officer the father has a temporary restraining order from his son because of prior incidents that happen and the judge ordered that visits still must continue but with the father not putting his hands on the child. Should I put in a call with social services as well. What should I do because my attorney isn’t getting back to me.

A: David’s Answer: From this incident, it sounds as though you should file a violation petition & order to show cause to suspend visitation pending further order from the court. If the child is represented by an attorney, you should also call him/her. Consider switching attorneys. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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