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Should I be concerned about my ex wife going to family court to modify custody?

Q: After a two year custody trial, my ex wife and her attorney agreed to settle. It was agreed that I have physical custody and we share joint legal with final decision making to me. Now, after a 3 week summer visit, my ex text me and says our 11 y/o daughter wants to live with her and she’s going to court for modification. Our custody order is barely 2 months old and there has been no change in circumstances. Ex also has history of coaching our child during the custody trial.

A: David’s Answer: A child of that age saying she wants to live with the other parent is a “change of circumstances” warranting the modification filing. Of course, her being able to file & her getting custody is a big difference. You should schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment

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