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Q: My lawyer has agreed to my ex spouse’s venue issue and he still wants to be difficult. I am asking for part of his pension after 25 years of marriage. Can my lawyer over come this issue? I started fighting this case in January 2016. Should I keep dishing out money for my part of the pension? Can my ex keep stalling over this venue issue, even though we have agreed to what he wants? He does not want to split this pension.

A: David’s Answer: It’s hard to assess this, as one would need to know on what basis your soon-to-be-ex-spouse is still fighting the venue issue. One would also need to know on what basis he’s asking for a deviation from the general rule on retirement division – i.e., 1/2 of the marital portion. Thus, if you want a 2d opinion, just schedule an appointment with a Bronx Divorce attorney.

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