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Is it possible for a biological father to relinquish his custodial rights of an unborn child to the biological mother?

Q: My friend and I decided to conceive a child through insemination done at home without physical contact or any intimate relationship involved. The agreement was that he would be involved in the child’s life, but my wife and I would be the custodial parents. Unfortunately, we did not go to a doctor for the insemination process nor did we complete any legal documentation beforehand, but he is still willing to relinquish his rights as long as we have something in writing stating he can be part of the child’s life. Please advise. Thank you.

A: David’s Answer: You would need to do a step-parent adoption proceeding. This would allow the biological parent to sign-over his rights and allow your spouse to be named the parent of the child. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Adoption attorney for a full assessment.

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