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Is adultery still valid as part of divorce if it has been more than a year and does it affect alimony?

Q: My husband and I are going to be going through a divorce. He cheated a few years back and I retaliated and cheated almost a year and 9 months ago. We went to therapy and have tried to make it work for over a year. He now tells me that I am entitled to nothing (ie Alimony/spousal support) as I committed adultery and that he will prove it and I do not stand a chance at gaining anything. This is really terrible as I’ve don’t nothing but try and I don’t even want this divorce even though we’ve hurt each other. Any advice I would appreciate.

A: David’s Answer: As a practical matter, most divorces end because someone cheated. Thus, especially given that he cheated as well, it’s very unlikely to play any role in the award of alimony. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Divorce attorney for a full assessment.

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