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Im in nyc. Im 11,000$ in child support arrears. But i haven’t been working all of this time. Since 2012. Can i get it reduced.

Q: I stopped working due to being diagnosed with m.s but i have had some of and on off the book jobs paying no more than 200 a week plus i get foodstamps .im about to start working a full time job and i wanna pay my arrears but is there anyway to reduce that 11,000 .my son is over 21 already.

A: David’s Answer: Generally arrears cannot be reduced. There are limited exceptions, such as when you can prove your income was below the poverty line for any given year in which your arrears accrued. Even then, you would need to prove you were attempting to maximize your income. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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