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I recently had Acs come to my home because I called the cops on my kids father for assault..He is the biological father and was

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Q: He was arrested and released, he has to go to court in a lil over a month.,I decided on my own terms to drop the charges,but I was told by ADA that it’s the judges decision..An order of protection was order for me by the judge, Now ACS wants to place a Order of protection to my kids,..I refused this too take place. They informed me it was the judge’s decision if there’s enough evidence..they are healthy kids no abuse.How long do I have to put up with ACS and can I or should I get a lawyer..

A: David’s Answer: The answer to your question depends on whether the case is in criminal court, or Family Court. If in Criminal Court, then whether there’s an OP issued is up to the ADA & Judge – you’d need to retain a lawyer to intervene in the proceeding. If in Family Court, it depends on whether you’re a named respondent or not. Either way, you may benefit from scheduling a consult with a Bronx Domestic Violence attorney for a full assessment.

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