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I need to know if my ex-fiance has legal rights to my engagement rings that he purchased

Q: I have recently ended my engagement with my ex and we have decided to part ways. He financed my engagement rings, however I used previously owned jewelry as a down payment towards the rings. So in turn, I actually lost personal belongings worth money. I still have my engagement rings which I do not believe should be returned to him as they were a gift. He is threatening to take legal action since he is still financing the rings. Does he have any legal rights to these items as they were a gift to me significant of the engagement?

Also another piece of information that may be useful, I financed his wedding band via his credit account with the jewelry company, however I have held up to my end of the bargain and paid my portion of the balance in full and can provide proof of payments. Does he have legal right to the wedding band as I purchased it and we did not fulfill the marriage ceremony?

A: David’s Answer: Engagement rings and wedding bands are generally recoverable by the purchaser if the wedding is called off, as they are given in specific contemplation of the marriage. That said, assuming you can prove you contributed towards the down payment, you should be able to insist on receiving a credit for same. Call a Bronx Prenuptials Attorney for more info.

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