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I need some advise. Lost and confused.

Q: I have been married since October 2014 and my husband is a US citizen. Moved here in April. Long story short, my husband decided that drugs were more important to him then making our marriage work. He choked me once, He begged me to forgive him and I didn’t file a police report. I just settled into a permanent job after giving up my old job back at home to be with my husband, who i thought felt the same way as me. Now he wants a divorce as soon as possible because I don’t make him happy. I am so hurt and confused right now.

What can I do in this situation?

A: David’s Answer: Generally if one party wants “out,” then the Court grants the divorce. Usually a Judge won’t force 2 people to remain married if one party no longer wants to remain married. That said, you can always suggest doing marriage counseling. If he nevertheless insists on the divorce, then you should consult a Bronx Divorce attorney.

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